Friday, February 4, 2011

How many I broke so far

So, it has been little over a month since I posted my resolutions on this blog. It wasn't difficult to follow them at first- that's because I didn't & still don't want to break them- but in due course of time, some events took place which kinda forced me to stoop lower than my own resolutions :| (In some cases, I actually rose above them- like I greatly cut down on FB)

DOs (when you haven't followed DO NOTs, they become DOs)

1. Junk food may not be one of the things that I cannot resist, but when you're with friends it's very hard to insist on home-cooked food you know- esp. when none of your friends happens to be great cook. Plus, almost all my friends, including myself, got placed last month, so it was a little rude to turn down party invitations or refuse to throw parties.

2. I didn't want to stay up all night, but what do you do when you just can't sleep?

3. No classes yet, so no bunking- simple!

4. My lovely sister helped me break my first resolution (meaning #4 is the first one I broke)- I got that uber-cool blue Provogue jacket.

5. I didn't "fill consents" to be precise; but took the exams - just for the sake of taking the exams.. hehe..

6. I don't drive rash; I'm just out on the roads "teaching" these idiots how to drive. You know, it gets kinda awkward and expensive to drive in the second gear all day.

7. I don't get rash at anyone :) I'm sooo happy about it.

8. I did respond to a couple of jerks :( Damnnnn! Help me follow this one good Lord!

9. No comments

DO NOTs (when you haven't followed DOs, they become DO NOTs)

1. I do write more now, you see.. but talk less.. well, uhmmm... :O

2. To be honest, I still haven't achieved this, but yes, I've made considerable progress.

3. I cooked, but didn't learn- one of those creative moments you know!

4, 5, 6. Yes, thank God!

7. Mental math, that is!

8. Yes.

9. I don't think it's okay for a Muslim to disclose about charity- then it's not charity any more. It wasn't right of me to actually write the last resolution on my blog that day.

How many have you broken so far ?

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