Saturday, January 1, 2011

My resolutions!

Okay, before this sparks off another controversy, I know this is not the Muslim New Year. In fact, I don't even celebrate it. But this time around, my exam ended on the 31st of December, 2010 (Gregorian). This marked the end of my 7th semester in college and the start of a placement phase which is going to gobble up one fortnight from my winter holidays. But since I'm not very interested in placements, my holidays are officially on and I can do whatever useful stuff there is, whatever I've wanted to do, go wherever I've wanted to go. So, I thought it will be worthwile to make some resolutions before I realize that I've made a waste of my holidays. Funny thing, the DO NOTs appear before the DOs :)

1. No more junk food.
2. No more late-night activities that ultimately extend till morning.
3. No more bunking (which means no more begging around for notes).
4. No more unwise shopping; because it is said that a fool and his money are soon parted. So, I'm trying to be a little wiser.
5. Not filling up any more consents for <5 package companies.
6. No more rash driving.
7. No more rash behaviour. (well, I've already put a hold on that).
8. Not responding to jerks anymore (that will be implemented in a couple of days).
9. Not scratching my pimples anymore (Like I say, biting your lips or scratching your pimples is schizophrenic- Stop Today or Get Help).

That's all that is to be avoided.

To be done is a lot, including:

1. Talk less and write more.
2. Think less and do more.
3. Learn cooking.
4. Bring discipline into whatever I do.
5. Caring more for relations.
6. Place more & more of my trust in God and less in people.
7. Do some math about incoming and outgoing money.
8. Devote more time to myself and my family and less to others.
9. Spend less on food and more on charity.


Have you made your resolutions for the new academic/financial year yet ?


  1. Oh dis is jss so wonderful afta all u decided to b a bit more wise honey...
    Well i jss wish dat u follow all dat u've written... its cool rea nice.... All D Besttttt.... <3

  2. Thanks a lot Snober. I too hope to follow them. So, let's call it a night. Good night :)


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