Friday, May 20, 2011

Sajid Iqbal Khanday (June 19, 1984 - May 17, 2011)

My favorite photo of yours- soo like you!

Look at you- And the memories you left behind!

You were my thesaurus- I would always consult you for a better choice of words. Now I don't have a word to describe the ugly incident that took you away from us. What do I call it- tragic, sad, unfortunate- what? I'm sure you have the answer as usual. But, alas! You aren't here to help me anymore. You were a good friend and secret keeper, a counsel and an inspiration in more ways than one. I remember calling you for every damn little thing and I remember how patiently you would respond. Your patient, calm and composed disposition was, perhaps, the most amazing thing about you.

I remember how you hated being called Sajid sahb. And how you'd call me names in return. I remember the silly old songs that you'd sing. I remember your funny laughter bouts, your silly jokes and your lame comments on my photos- they would all make me laugh. I remember how hard-working you were. I remember how you made OYK meetings and campaigning memorable for us. I wonder if you've ever hurt anyone. And anyone who knew you even casually, even slightly won't utter a word of malice against you. And I pity the ones who malign you- because they never got to know the wonderful person that you were.

With your death Saj, it's proved once again, beyond doubt, that all the good people die too young, too soon. You had a bad, bad habit of showing up well before time. Looks like you were again in a great hurry to leave us.

I remember your Italy dreams and the long shopping list that I gave you. I remember everything and will probably never forget- I say this, on behalf of everyone who has ever known you. I remember how calmly you'd drive and how you would dim your lights whenever a car approached- I fail to understand what happened on your last drive.

I can't write anymore Saj- may your soul rest in peace and may God give us strength to accept this loss. For some people, it will never be the same again. Bid-adieu~~ till we meet again!

L-R: Sehar, Me, Shireen, Ahsan, Zubair, Raheel, Ilyas, Sajid, Faysal

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