Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hyderabad - Old & New - Part III ( IN PROGRESS )

RECAP: Next we were taken to the medical centre, gym and other facilities available to Microsoft employees. I and my friend Aishwarya, excited as we were, checked out our weight and it showed an error (E) sign- at which everyone laughed & said that our weights were beyond the scale.

Hyderabadis have embraced the hi-tech culture & modernisation while staying close to their roots. As we walked out of one the classiest corporate offices in Asia, six of us squeezed into the same rick- that being just one example! In the "somewhat less hi-tech" Mumbai city, more than three people on the same auto rickshaw is illegal; meters are properly installed and regulated on every public transport vehicle. The rules around here weren't really strict and the flavour of a traditional oriental city was clearly visible; which brings me to the main focus of the Part-III of this series-- the old city!

Well, the first thing that inevitably comes to mind as one speaks about old Hyderabad is the famous Biryani- but, to your disappointment, I hate all kinds of rice which aren't plain! So no pulaos, biryanis or fried rice for me (Kashmiri teaher being an exception, though). For all others, I'm sure the Biryani is great. Apart from that, the food was awesome. In fact, even the foud courts at the malls didn't disappoint me, breaking a monotony! Didn't miss the north too much! We had dinner at the Shadaab restaurant in old city which had the ambience of a royal courtroom- A darbaan (royal guard)-style guy greeted us in royasl style as we began to enter

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