Saturday, October 30, 2010

"See".. That's right.. See Friendship!

Turns out friendship is no longer an abstract noun! You can see it, you can filter it and you can even take screenshots of it.. All thanks to Facebook.

Remember the see wall-to-wall feature which would allow you to view all the wall posts that you've exchanged with a particular friend ? Now that feature has been extended to include wall posts, photos and comments.

So it all happened when I logged on to Facebook this morning to find a wall post from an old friend. Below the post was an option "See Friendship". I, at first, thought that he has posted this via an application named See Friendship. So, I was skeptical and didn't click the link. But then I thought that I can choose whether to allow it or not. So, I clicked the link, and what do I see ? A whole record of our Facebook interaction- sweet!

So, what all does this feature show you? Let's analyze.

Overview: This one picks up one picture randomly from the ones you both are tagged in and that serves as the 'display pic' of the 'see friendship page' (see screenshot). If there's no such picture, it just shows two avatars side by side. Of course, the avatars represent your sex. It shows some of the wall posts you've exchanged with that friend of yours under the heading 'wall posts' and some photos of each other that you may have tagged. You can see an expanded view of all of these separately.

Wall Posts: This one is pretty much the same as the old see wall-to-wall feature except for the font size that is now smaller.

Photos: This filter shows photos of each other that you have tagged. Photos added by a third person in which both of you have been tagged are also shown.

Events: As you might expect, this section shows events that both of you are attending/have attended in the past/are attending.

Comments: This section shows mutual comments- i.e. your comments on their photos, status messages and their comments on your photos, posts, etc. So, you could probably use this one to analyze if someone is being constantly nice or bullying :)

Likes: This filter shows pages that both of you 'like' on Facebook.

Mutual Friends: This filter shows you all your mutual friends.

Search bars: At the top right corner of the "Friendship Page" are two search bars wherein you can type the names of two of your friends and their interactions with each other will appear (provided they have the permission to post to one another's wall and that you have the permissions to view theirs). Of course, you can also type in your own name and you'll get to see your own friendship with that person. If you attempt to view the friendship page of two people who are not friends with each other, you'll see a blank page with only their avatars.

When you visit someone's profile and click 'filters' you'll see in addition to the existing filters and in place of the 'See Wall-to-Wall' filter the new 'Friendship Page' filter. So you can really figure out how good or bad a friend you are, or how you migth have hurt someone or where things started getting weird :)

That's all for today. I have to say hello to Delhi. If you like the post, please click Facebook 'Like' at the top!


  1. It,s good
    I can see almost everything that i shared with my best friend
    Your writing is great
    Keep it up and as you say Cheers :)

  2. Hey great thanks for sharing

  3. thanx Abrar and anonymous
    your feedback is really appreciated :)

  4. If you don't like it join this page.

    I'll delete my account if I cannot turn off "see friendship"

  5. lol, anonymous, wots wrong wid de option ??

    if u don't like it, don't click it

    bdw, i can't see the link to your page.. :)


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