Sunday, September 26, 2010

Status Statistics

   Not all Facebook applications are bad and spammy after all! Fearing for my security, I recently went from 200 odd applications to just seven- the seven core Facebook applications. That’s because the only applications I knew till then were dumb quizzes or spammy games :) But I recently stumbled upon this really cool app called Status Statistics. It does not spam, it is clean :) and it uses perfect grammar :) Once you authorize this application, you get all of your status updates so far analysed. Not only that, you can actually get them listed using a “keyword” search or a “month-year” search. The first thing listed is your most popular status update in the last sixty days.

Among the other things listed are:
Your Statistics

- Statuses so far
- From cell phone
- Word count
- Average words per status
- Average word length
- Days since first status
- Average statuses per day
   It also tells you about “Your Favourite Words” i.e. words that you most often use. It also generates the frequency of their use. For example,

Your Favorite Words

- day used : 33x
- love used : 29x
- facebook used : 23x
- ♥ used : 20x
- wid used : 19x

   You can have all these statistics published to your newsfeed and receive interesting comments :) The application also generates two graphs summarising your daily activity. One is a “no. of status updates vs. hour of the day” graph and another one is a “no. of status updates vs. day of the week” graph- but this may interest third-parties more than you :) So, to keep you interested, there is the best part of the application- status search.

   You can search all your status updates so far either by keywords or by month and year. Each post is listed along with a link to the post (i.e. the comments). You can go to each post, see all the comments, confuse your friends by “liking” their old, forgotten comments or post those links to your wall.

    I needed something like this for my new twitter page ShehlaRashid Quotes- a page where I post quotes inspired from life. The twitter handle is @SRQuotes. I started browsing through old status updates and found many popular, original quotes which I could use to jump-start my page. Found status updates through depressing phases of my life and got a little sad. Found my birthday updates and cheered up. Started getting nostalgic when I reached Fall 2009 status updates.

   Also found out that I had never updated my Facebook status during the entire month of June (Spring '09 semester)- which tells me how I got a GPA of nine in that semester! Status Statistics rocks. Recommended!


  1. :) this application is really kuul. gonna use it. :)

  2. if u need to review good old status messages that dint receive much attention :)


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